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Right now, my creative efforts are focused on creating wood with a resin filling technique I have been fine tuning for the past 18+ months. Working with resin has proven fascinating and combining with wood has become my favorite materials to work with. These sculptures are complex yet simple in some ways. Combining these two opposite materials into one form is something that has been done before, but I feel - not in this way.

I worked with wood very little growing up and have to consider myself a beginner wood-worker, though – I think the sculptures I create have done most of the work for me, growing into the primitive forms I begin with. The creation of these sculptures is a dynamic process, giving each piece its own unique personality, character and life.

Each sculpture was derived from a unique piece of wood that was foraged, collected and handpicked by me from all places I wonder. I like seeing the potential in dead and salvaged wood and strive to enhance each one, giving it a second life! A vision of what the piece could be is seen, then the primitive piece is shaped and refined, then epoxy resin is added to POP the stress-cracks and knots of the wood.

I feel these pieces show the incredible power and force of elemental impact on nature. Their shapes and texture were all created from the four elements of matter: wind, water, and sand and sometimes fire. Each of these pieces is unique, hand-made and one-of-a-kind that will add a little “more” to any room it’s presented!

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